About Us



House of Treasures Emporium is a one-stop shopping gallery in the heart of Karen offering its clientele a stunning range of architectural pieces, indoor, outdoor & kids furniture, home decor and household accessories - mirrors, lighting, bed linen & throws, carpets, glassware, crockery, artificial flowers, art & photography, curtains & tie-backs, table cloths & place mats, fabric - ladies, men's and children's fashion & fashion accessories, jewellery, beauty products, Christmas decorations (seasonal), silverware, Africana artefacts as well as soft, wooden & creative educational toys.

The House of Treasures Emporium in Nairobi is filled with unusual and exotic goods from around the globe.  For the past 16 years we have been devoted to travelling the world in search of hidden treasures.  We have trawled markets, souks & bazaars to assemble a collection that delights artisans, architects and designers alike, from intricate hand-crafted items to contemporary pieces that suit any vision. 

Few places dare to promise their customers an enviable choice of divine riches from across the world, but then few places have the artistic flair or sweeping geographical reach of House of Treasures.  It is nothing short of trove of timeless treasures.



Now that we have collaborated with other local designers to create the Emporium we can source not only unusual and exotic goods from around the globe but we also showcase an extensive range of locally produced goods: antique or modern & innovative.

The artisans we showcase under House of Treasures Emporium are House of  Treasures, Bush Princess, Secret Garden, Aman, Sally Dudmesh, Linda  Camm Enterprises, India With Love, Pouf Kenya, Fusco & Co., Indian Ocean Designs, The Velvet Room,  Decor Interiors, Amy Sandys-Lumsdaine,  Bumble &  Ava, Beach Life, Wild Rose, Urban Artefacts, Wild Earth Botanics, Shake The Tree, Riley Rats,  Penrose, DOA, Kobe Afrika, Dunesi, Zawadi, L'Equipee,  Little Cribs, and Terry Bears.

We like to call ourselves a mini mall but its all in one place under the same roof - so choosing items from each range is & putting things together then and there is easy and what we are famous for. 



We have the contacts and the experience to source and select everything from fixtures and fittings to furniture and decorative elements.  We can also arrange shipping, clearing and delivery to site.  We also offer interior and garden design through partner companies - ideal for new builds (whether a private home, a restaurant, a lodge or hotel). We primarily source from South Africa, Kenya, India, Indonesia, China, Mexico, and Morocco, but we are constantly finding new destinations world-wide. 

Orders can be made with the House of Treasures Emporium for one-off pieces or for container / air freight shipments.  We can also organise shipping from Kenya to countries abroad. 

If you have questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! We hope you continue to shop with us for many years to come.